Risk knows no boundaries.

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Trust Risk Control International Broker Alliance (TRC IBA)

What is TRC IBA?

With more than 250 Partners in over 170 countries TRUST RISK CONTROL is managing one of the largest plus most capable and efficient broker networks in the world. TRC locations in Hamburg, New York and Zug are coordinating and controlling all activities through dedicated and multilingual service teams to the benefit of all clients. BDJ is a founding member of the TRC broker network since 1999, servicing numerous clients around the world.

TRC has gained over 20 years of experience in cooperating with international brokers and investors. TRC IBA provides tailor-made solutions to meet all risk management challenges for local German subsidiaries being part of global companies. Only a small number of German broker partners have been selected to become a partner to TRC IBA, to deliver high-quality services for incoming business. The main criteria for the selection are staff quality, management continuity, and proximity to the client. All selected TRC IBA partners in Germany have in-depth expertise and experience in claims handling and support. BDJ is one "TRC IBA selected Broker Partner".

How does this collaboration function?

The parent companies and leading brokers abroad define the group's global risk and insurance management strategy. TRC IBA ensures coordination between the parties and secures the Reporting. BDJ will execute the Insurance management strategy for the German subsidiary provided by the leading broker and master client. Also, BDJ will represent the German client and takes care of the German clients' interest and needs per good local German standard. Within the German market, BDJ is known for its high-quality standards. BDJ supports its clients concerning insurance solutions for legal and contractual obligations as well as claims handling.

Who is BDJ, and what are the responsibilities?

Currently, BDJ employs 90 employees at 3 locations (Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne) and is responsible for TRC IBA clients located within the North-Western region of Germany. They are TRC IBA's partner for servicing the before mentioned sectors in all German regions. For decades BDJ has earned a reputation within the German market for being an internationally skilled insurance broker. All foreign brokers and clients can rely on BDJ's know-how and service.